Successful NSF Grant Work on BID Pedagogy

My four year research project supported by the National Science Foundation recently wrapped up.  It was a collaborative effort between James Madison University and The University of Georgia on enhancing the pedagogy of bio-inspired design in an engineering curriculum.  In short, we were successful.  Multiple instructional resources were created and disseminated.  They can be found here.  What I want to share with you today is the presentation I gave at the 2020 Biocene Workshop.  It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect back on all we had accomplished.  The slide deck for that presentation is now posted to my website here.  If you would like to view the presentation, you can find it on YouTube, or the Biocene 2020 virtual event page of the newly updated NASA VINE website.

Once on the Biocene 2020 virtual event page, scroll to the bottom (right) to find the video labeled: Interactive session: NSF grant work and working session on what should be included in a college level course.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the other amazing speakers, lighting talks, and panel session videos.  If you want to join the NASA VINE efforts be sure to reach out to let me know.


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