The Bio-inspired Design (BID) Canvas is a visual guide that provides a framework to structure the thought processes that build the BID mindset. It is grounded in the engineering design theory known as Concept-Knowledge (C-K) Theory.  Furthermore, it is a statistically validated approach to creating high quality concepts inspired by nature and has significant capability to produce innovative design solutions.  Statistical analysis of transferability using multiple engineering design and BID attributes also shows that institution does not influence performance.  As an evidence-based approach, the BID canvas scaffolds the knowledge transfer processes, cultivates 21st century competencies, and emphasizes connection building between biology and the domain of the problem.  The creation of this tool (and the other instructional resources listed below) was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant 1504612.  The analysis and outcomes of this NSF funded research are summarized in this slide deck: Nagel et al Summary NSF research BID pedegogy.

A clean copy of the BID Canvas can be accessed here: BID_Canvas


For educators – If you intend to use the BID Canvas for your course, here are additional instructional resources.  The teaching module is meant to cover two 50 min. class periods or a single 100 min. class period.  Embedded into the teaching module are the learning activities which require the blank canvas and the partially filled in one below.  If you need help assigning a grade or giving feedback on the BID Canvas, please see the rubric below.