The NASA Virtual Interchange for Nature-inspired Exploration (V.I.N.E.) is intended to be a sustainable, cross-geographical, 24×7 online workspace.  With nature-inspired exploration as its driving philosophy, V.I.N.E seeks to solve NASA’s biggest challenges, with the help of subject matter experts from academia, industry, and other government agencies.

I serve as the Co-Catalyst for the Systemology Cluster with Curt McNamara.  The following describe the cluster work.

Cluster Goal: Establishing standards of practice for nature-inspired design

Cluster Objectives:

  • Identify and characterize available tools and methods for nature-inspired design/thought/activity
  • Identify basis for different schools of thought by analyzing the commonalities/differences
  • Identify a general set of problem solving steps and associated tools to solve an engineering problem that is agnostic to design philosophy
  • Identify the ways to manage systems engineering through natural principles

The cluster is comprised of people from industry and academia with a variety of backgrounds: Engineering design, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Systems engineering, Systems science, and Biology.

Activities we have or are working on:

  1. Tools and methods survey and characterization
  2. Industry interviews to understand industry needs and experiences
  3. Testing tools and methods with industry partners
  4. Creation of a DfBiom* set of guidelines
  5. Co-leading sessions with INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group